Aqua and Green Medium 3.5"h x 4" w Plant Pot

  • $26.00

I'm in love with these plant pots. I have them all over my house. I designed these plant pots to fit most 4" plants that you buy from the nursery. Simply pull out straight from the plastic pot it came in and plunk it into its new home! It is the perfect gift. Buy a plant and this pot, and poof....that's it! The bottom dish is separate and the pot has a hole for drainage. Stop using that ugly terra-cotta pot or plastic pot you've been using! The last two pictures show all my plant pot sizes together. The medium plant pot is third one from the left in blue and aqua. 

Ready to ship. I will notify you when I ship and send you the tracking information. 

Please note: This is handmade work. This means that my measurements can be off by 1/4" or so, even though I am pretty accurate. Sometimes the colors vary in person than portrayed on your screen, or they vary with glaze calculations or kiln temperament. The second picture is a stock photo of another sponge holder. This all adds to the beauty of the pottery you are buying. Dishwasher and microwave safe. 

If you have previously purchased pottery from me in the past, please appreciate that this is handmade, and sometimes my glazes do not make perfect matches. For example, a blue or green from 2-4 years ago, may seem darker, or lighter. This is all dependent on the glaze components that I use for my glazes. The distributers may source materials from different areas, thus producing slight changes.