What is your process?

All the pottery is handmade on the potters wheel. Most of my glazes are from recipes that I've found and tweaked over the years so that they complement each other. I dip and pour the glazes to achieve the overlap of colors. It’s like being an artist-chemist. It’s very creative and very exciting. 90% of my glazes are exclusive to Becky Pottery. 

How long have you been making pottery?

I took my first ceramics class as a sophomore in 1991 at the University of Southern Maine. Over 30 years! I bought my first used wheel while I was still in college and my first Brent wheel in 1998. I now have two Brent wheels, two Skutt kilns, a vintage Brent slab roller and a Petter Pugger pug mill. 

What is your inspiration?

I love big skies and clouds. That seems like a weird answer when you see my work with all of the bright colors, however, what really gets me going is seeing where the sky meets the land, the horizon line. I overlap two colors and enjoy seeing what happens with that joining of the two. I also love being around bright colors, whether it's a wall painted red, a potted plant showing bright green, or wearing a yellow pendant. I'm also inspired by seeing what my artist friends are up to with their work. 

Dishwasher and microwave safe?


I dropped my mug and it broke. Can you fix it?

Unfortunately, no. Anything fixed with glue will eventually leak or crack again. Buy a new one, they are affordable and it’s better Feng Shui! 

Do you ship?


How long will it take to get to me?

Depends on the carrier you choose! I work with UPS and USPS. Also depends if they have enough employees that day (USPS), weekends, and all that. You get all the tracking info from me after you purchase so you can stay on top of it.

I live close to South Portland and would like to pickup my pottery. Do I still have to pay for shipping? 

Nope. Choose local pickup at checkout. Contact me about a pickup date and time. 

How do you get your mini vases so small and tiny?

There is a family of elves that live in the studio and come out at night and work for me. Just kidding! (But were you picturing their little hands and their little potters wheels?) The minis are thrown on the wheel individually from a small ball of clay. 

Where is your studio?

In the basement of my house. So this makes for some workaholic conditions at times. Also, my house can get super hot in the summer when I have to fire a kiln, and very snuggly warm in the winter. 

Can I visit?

I’m not really set up for studio visits. 

Can you make something custom for me?

Yes and no. Confusing? Well, if you want a set of four mugs in the size I already make and in the colors I already use, then yes! But if you want a specific size item with new colors that I don’t offer, then….nope.  

Every time I go on the site, my favorite mugs are sold out! Why?

Yes I know! It’s very frustrating for me too, but I love it. It means you and so many others love my work! I try my best to stock up, but it’s big a challenge. You can always contact me and ask to order. Be prepared to wait. I know…. *sigh*…but worth the wait!

I’d like to carry your pottery in my shop. Do you wholesale?

I do, but I am not taking on new clients at this time.